Silver Hills…..Colorado!


This seemed to be the best venue for posting pictures and events for friends and family.

We reserved tickets a while back for the Jesse Cook concert in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It\’s a nice but small venue and the town is beautiful. Lynn spent a long time planning out our route and where to visit.  We started by flying into Denver and driving to Breckenridge.  It was beautiful!  There was a river walk and we took that the next morning before we left.  After all, we had to walk off the chocolate croissant from Panera.  They actually FILL those with chocolate instead of drizzling some on top!

\"2014_August_Colorado_00\" \"2014_August_Colorado_01\" \"IMG_3324\" \"IMG_3327\" \"IMG_3332\"

Next we headed to Crested Butte (Silver Hills…..Colorado! for those Snowball Express fans out there!) These are some things we saw on the way.  This was the first of several places with a Continental Divide sign.


\"2014_August_Colorado_05\" \"2014_August_Colorado_06\"

There were lots of places where mining is still active (even tho the place looked ancient!).


Just as we came into Crested Butte there was this old cemetery.  The graves were mostly late 1800s to early 1900s.  Some were maintained, some were not.

\"2014_August_Colorado_09\" \"2014_August_Colorado_10\"

One of the more recent graves had a couple of \”Marie statues\” for those who watch \”Everybody Loves Raymond\”.  Lynn made me promise not to bury him far away and put a statue like that on, or around, his grave!  :-)

\"2014_August_Colorado_11\" \"2014_August_Colorado_12\"

It was late afternoon and the free ride up the chair lift that came with our room, was soon to expire so we headed that direction.


They had a bike washing station, miniature golf under this pavilion, a kid\’s rock climbing wall and a EuroBungee (see our YouTube) along with the lift and a good mountain biking business going on. It was really a fun place.

\"2014_August_Colorado_15\"\"IMG_3335\" \"2014_August_Colorado_23\" \"2014_August_Colorado_27\"   \"IMG_3337\"

I\’ll do part 2 tomorrow!


Carl Bloch

So one thing we absolutely wanted to do in Denmark was to see some of Carl Bloch\’s paintings in the home settings.  We were lucky enough to see them at the BYU exhibit and the curator who spent so much time in Denmark negotiating that gave us a list of churches we should see while we were there.  We plugged them into the GPS and as we drove through Denmark we stopped at the churches on our list.  It was amazing!  Here\’s what we saw….

This church has the names of their pastors since the 1500s listed.  Pretty cool!



Carl Bloch painting

\"13_04_Europe_1103\" \"13_04_Europe_1110\" \"13_04_Europe_1113\" \"13_04_Europe_1119\"

Very old collection box\"13_04_Europe_1120\"

\"13_04_Europe_1163\" \"13_04_Europe_1165\" \"13_04_Europe_1167\"


All their churches had ships hanging from the ceiling.  (Click those words to read about it)


Here is the book about these paintings done by BYU Museum of Art and given to the church as a gesture of gratitude.


The cover of the book is this exact painting!

\"13_04_Europe_1175\" \"13_04_Europe_1199\"

Love these paintings!

\"13_04_Europe_1201\" \"13_04_Europe_1204\"

These are smaller but Carl Bloch did these for the Frederiksborg Castle museum.  There are a whole series of them that cover the life of Christ.  BYU recently announced they will be loaned for a one-time only event.  See here.  I\’ll post more on the Frederiksborg Castle later.  There is just too much to cover in one post!

\"13_04_Europe_1236\" \"13_04_Europe_1237\"

On to Denmark!

On to Denmark!

We got a rental car in Amsterdam and drove through Germany toward Denmark. A cab drive had told us it was more like 11 hours to get there instead of the six that google maps told us it would be.  We got there in six hours!  Driving through Germany was an exciting experience.  That 3rd lane really is JUST for passing.  It works  SUPER well!  You get in that lane to pass for about 1 1/2 seconds and then move back right.  It keeps the traffic moving beautifully.  I wish we could do that here!  Finally we saw signs for Odense.  I had ancestors from this area so I was curious to see what it looked like.  It was beautiful!  Lots of green farm land.



The churches in the countryside all looked like this—white and redish on one side with the stair-step roofs.


Coming into town.  They trim those trees to the nubbins.


Just chillin\’ with Hans Christen Andersen!  :-)



\"13_04_Europe_1063\" \"13_04_Europe_1065\"

Not sure why Lynn wanted me to stand in the bike lane!  Its NOT a good idea!

\"13_04_Europe_1066\" \"13_04_Europe_1067\" \"13_04_Europe_1069\" \"13_04_Europe_1070\"

Famous Danish watch maker–Skagen






Hans Christen Andersen house

\"13_04_Europe_1079\" \"13_04_Europe_1080\" \"13_04_Europe_1081\" \"13_04_Europe_1093\"

On to Amsterdam

To leave Belgium and head to Amsterdam, we took a taxi to the train depot.  Our taxi driver asked where we were headed and when we told him he said, \”Ah, the land of the damned!\”  Well, sort of funny but there is a bit of truth in there.  While it\’s a pretty place to visit It does seem to be a land who could use some morals.  Drugs are rampant, sex is on display everywhere and anything is readily available.  We concentrated on the architecture and historical places and tulips!

We had to go past here to get to Amsterdam—Sint Niklass!  \”I KNOW HIM\” (From the movie Elf for those who don\’t get my humor!)

\"13_04_Europe_0849\" \"13_04_Europe_0852\"French Fry stands everywhere.  People think they are good but I still like ours!


Bikes everywhere.  They ride bikes in all sorts of dress and all sorts of weather.

\"13_04_Europe_0856\"All your glaucoma needs can be met here too!

\"13_04_Europe_0860\" \"13_04_Europe_0862\" \"13_04_Europe_0863\"


We didn\’t go to the \”Sexmuseum\”.  We also did NOT venture into the Red Light District.  \"13_04_Europe_0881\"

We took a night time cruise through the canals.  It was beautiful but hard to take good pictures.

\"13_04_Europe_0867\" \"13_04_Europe_0870\" \"13_04_Europe_0871\"Love the porta potties on the canals– \"13_04_Europe_0874\"

We visited the Anne Frank annex where she hid until they were arrested–very sobering\"13_04_Europe_0876\"These \”cars\” could park wherever they wanted\"13_04_Europe_1007\"

\"13_04_Europe_1009\" The houses looked like they were leaning.  There were definite uneven gaps between them.\"13_04_Europe_1010\" \"13_04_Europe_1011\" \"13_04_Europe_1018\"

And bikes, bikes, bikes—everywhere.\"13_04_Europe_1019\" \"13_04_Europe_1020\"

Four layers of them at the train station.  And it wrapped around the building too!


Quite the street cleaner!  \"13_04_Europe_0879\"One more blog about the Netherlands and the tulips–then on to Denmark!


On to the rest of our trip–Belguim

Leaving England took the Chunnel to France and then a couple of additional trains until we got to Brugge. See spelling options—(Bruges (/ˈbruːʒ/ in English; Dutch: Brugge, [ˈbrʏʝə], French: Bruges, [ˈbʁyːʒ], German: Brügge, [ˈbrʏɡə]) is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium.) I choose the Dutch spelling because it seems more phonetic. :-) It\’s a canal based city and is beautiful and historic.

There were plenty of places (every corner) to buy chocolates and everywhere we turned there was a picture just waiting to be taken!

















Our hotel was 400 years old but thankfully they had added toilets!

The second day we took a canal ride, visited Our Lady\’s Church to see a real Michelangelo statue, and had waffles!




\"13_04_Europe_0796\" \"13_04_Europe_0800\" \"13_04_Europe_0802\" \"13_04_Europe_0818\" \"13_04_Europe_0807\" \"13_04_Europe_0828\" \"13_04_Europe_0831\" \"13_04_Europe_0832\" \"13_04_Europe_0833\" \"13_04_Europe_0834\"

LOVED this dog hanging out the window over the canal.

\"13_04_Europe_0835\" \"13_04_Europe_0838\" \"13_04_Europe_0844\" \"13_04_Europe_0839\"