European Vacation–Non-Chevy Chase style! Day 1

We did so much the first day that I had to devote a whole blog to our first day in London.

Knowing how I hate long flights Lynn worked hard to get us business class upgrades with points.  It was AMAZING!  We\’ve never flown like this–not with seats that go into full beds.  That made all the difference.  We were able to sleep quite a while on the flight from San Fransisco to London.  Since we left in the morning and got there the next morning (lost 8 hours) we were refreshed enough to spend the entire first day sightseeing.

We took the Tube (London\’s subway) to our hotel and dropped our bags.  We learned right away about the escalators there–they are really long, you always stand to the right and pass on the left.  People are running up and down them at high speeds!  Subways are always confusing to me–which one do you get on, where do you transfer, where do you get off.  If Lynn weren\’t with me I\’d still be on the Tube in London!

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As we came out into London we were right at Big Ben.  We walked past Big Ben, Parliament Square and 10 Downing Street. There were so many amazing buildings that I couldn\’t keep track of them all. Here\’s a sampling of what we saw just in the morning of the first day.

Fish and chips are huge there! The food was good and the waitress even asked some locals to move so we could all sit together. We headed back to the hotel to get checked in and take a break for a few minutes before heading off to the Tower of London. We spent quite a while there looking at the different places people were kept prisoner, torture chambers and of course the Crown Jewels. To top it off we had dinner at Yo Sushi. The Johnny English fans will recognize this one! We couldn\’t resist!

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  1. I had no idea they use to kill people and torture people in the Tower of London. I would love to go there someday. I also want that mini knight guy, he is so cute

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