London–Day 2

Our second day was just as busy as our first. There was so much to see in London and Adam and Nadine were good enough to be our tour guides. They were great! We started by heading toward this address–



We have really enjoyed the new BBC version of \”Sherlock\” as well as \”Elementary\” so it was fun to see there really was a 221b Baker Street and it really is dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

From there we headed to Westminster Abbey and took the tour. A lot of history (and dead people) there! It was used for the William the Conqueror\’s coronation in 1066 but the present church there was started in 1245 by Henry III. The Coronation Chair there was used at every coronation since 1308. It\’s where the funeral for Princess Diana was held as well as the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Buried there are kings, queens, Sir Isaac Newton and interestingly, Charles Darwin who was an agnostic.

After our tour there we headed to the Churchill War Rooms/Museum. Here Churchill and others lived and worked for years during WWII. It was on Lynn\’s \”must see\” list and it really was fascinating.

Next up was Buckingham Palace. It was so cool to watch the guards and check out the place where William and Kate had that very romantic kiss.

Next we have the British Museum.  This is one MASSIVE place with artifacts from every region of the world.  One could spend weeks in there if you really want to see everything and read about it and take it in.  We loved it–especially the mummies and the scarab sculpture.  Time to watch \”The Mummy\” again!

We had one last stop at Harrods before returning to the hotel.  WOW!  Room after room of just purses, but those who really know me know that didn\’t even tempt me.  Then we walked into the rooms of sweets!  Chocolate everywhere!  And food from every country!

We ended the day heading to a musical–Once.  It\’s fairly new I think and we enjoyed it.  At the end of the day we had walked a LOT, seen a LOT and eaten a LOT!  Great day!

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  1. The purses were not a temptation, but sad to say the food sure was!

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