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Leaving London, we had decided to concentrate our visit on a just a few areas of England. The first was Bath/Spa — the site of an ancient (~800 B.C.), later Roman Bath house. We arrived after operating hours, but had a great visit with some great pictures.  We actually didn\’t take swimsuits on the trip, so missing the bathing time wasn\’t too critical.


A house in the English Country —

We wanted to experience some of the country life & manners of English rural life.  We found a couple of places via the AirBnB site, we\’ll use it again if we head that way.

Our home base for a few days was in Crudwell, a terrific farmhouse estate, run by Zandra & Chris.  They couldn\’t be more helpful or kind.
\"13_04_Europe_0292\" They live on 100 acres, away from everything, and all of what we imagined the country life there to be.  


For a country of 50+ million in an area that\’s less than two-thirds the size of Idaho, it sure seemed like there was a lot of country to be found.  The driving time seems to be the same, but the roads are just all crinkled up to get maximum length in minimum area.


For three days in a row, we got to have an iconic \”English Breakfast:\”



Yes, those are really grilled tomatos.  Our eggs were on-demand (grilled, fried, or the favorite: poached), but all else was included but optional, per-person as requested.  It was great.  Zandra was a terrific cook and multi-tasker.

Most of the small cities had the same basic layout which included a common area that looked something like this:

\"13_04_Europe_0439\"An open center, usually turned into a parking area, surrounded by varying-aged buildings for shops and the expected municipal functions.  We enjoyed the city-market-feel shopping, food, and sense of community.  If they had used solar-powered parking meters for their horse-hitches years ago, it would\’ve probably been exactly the same.

We could do a lot of pictures on just animals, but the most surprising to me was the number of pheasants.  Everywhere.


Finally — a quick slideshow of a typical country scenes.

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