Avebury, Stonehenge, Warwick Castle and other adventures

We are being super slow at getting to the blogs! So sorry! We just have been super busy since we\’ve been home!

There are still a few days in England to cover before we get on to the other places we visited.

We visited Avebury –it\’s the largest stone circle in Europe. Of course there was an historic church in the village too.

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As you can see it was cold that day.

There is also an ancient burial tomb near Avebury. We took the short hike up the hill to check it out.



And of course there is Stonehenge. If you go \”across the pond\” you really have to go don\’t you?!?! Well, we wanted to see it. We had just watched a special on it and it\’s fascinating that the rocks weren\’t from that area so they had to bring them from quite some distance. Then to make this whatever-it-was so detailed that the sun would shine through exactly on the solstice(s) every year is amazing. When you see how big the stones are and they tell you what they weigh it\’s even more amazing! Since it is England of course there were sheep grazing all around. It just cracked me up that here is this world famous ancient site and the sheep are basically on the same land.

While we were driving we also drove past Highclere Castle! That\’s right all you Downton Abbey fans! It\’s the real thing. We couldn\’t see much because they were filming. But it was cool anyway!




The next day we went to Warwick Castle. Touristy but definitely worth it! We spent most of the day there, there was SO much to see and do! Go check out the pictures. You might want to click on the slideshow to open in Picasa and see them bigger!

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