Last Blog of England

One last visit through England and then onto the rest of Europe!

We visited the beautiful Cotswold area. It was just as picturesque as you would imagine it to be.






This one cracked us up!!!


Next we visited the Gadfield Elm Chapel.  It\’s an LDS Church Historical site–check it out here.  When they restored this building they numbered every stone as they took the walls down and put them back in the same place.  What a labor of love!


\"13_04_Europe_0563\" \"13_04_Europe_0564\" \"13_04_Europe_0566\"The grounds— \"13_04_Europe_0568\"\"13_04_Europe_0569\"

Next was Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.  The swan with it\’s wings folded up was just a bonus.

\"13_04_Europe_0578\" \"13_04_Europe_0580\" \"13_04_Europe_0582\" \"13_04_Europe_0583\" Looking for Robin Hood—\"13_04_Europe_0585\" \"13_04_Europe_0586\" \"13_04_Europe_0587\"

I have loved the James Harriot books for a long time. I loved reading the stories to my kids when they were growing up. Visiting the actual Skeledale House where he lived and worked was a real treat for me. And the countryside there is just like it\’s described in his books. LOVED IT! We also were able to see the Preston, England LDS Temple. Manually scroll through these pictures–I didn\’t do them on automatic this time so you can enjoy them more.

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