On to Amsterdam

To leave Belgium and head to Amsterdam, we took a taxi to the train depot.  Our taxi driver asked where we were headed and when we told him he said, \”Ah, the land of the damned!\”  Well, sort of funny but there is a bit of truth in there.  While it\’s a pretty place to visit It does seem to be a land who could use some morals.  Drugs are rampant, sex is on display everywhere and anything is readily available.  We concentrated on the architecture and historical places and tulips!

We had to go past here to get to Amsterdam—Sint Niklass!  \”I KNOW HIM\” (From the movie Elf for those who don\’t get my humor!)

\"13_04_Europe_0849\" \"13_04_Europe_0852\"French Fry stands everywhere.  People think they are good but I still like ours!


Bikes everywhere.  They ride bikes in all sorts of dress and all sorts of weather.

\"13_04_Europe_0856\"All your glaucoma needs can be met here too!

\"13_04_Europe_0860\" \"13_04_Europe_0862\" \"13_04_Europe_0863\"


We didn\’t go to the \”Sexmuseum\”.  We also did NOT venture into the Red Light District.  \"13_04_Europe_0881\"

We took a night time cruise through the canals.  It was beautiful but hard to take good pictures.

\"13_04_Europe_0867\" \"13_04_Europe_0870\" \"13_04_Europe_0871\"Love the porta potties on the canals– \"13_04_Europe_0874\"

We visited the Anne Frank annex where she hid until they were arrested–very sobering\"13_04_Europe_0876\"These \”cars\” could park wherever they wanted\"13_04_Europe_1007\"

\"13_04_Europe_1009\" The houses looked like they were leaning.  There were definite uneven gaps between them.\"13_04_Europe_1010\" \"13_04_Europe_1011\" \"13_04_Europe_1018\"

And bikes, bikes, bikes—everywhere.\"13_04_Europe_1019\" \"13_04_Europe_1020\"

Four layers of them at the train station.  And it wrapped around the building too!


Quite the street cleaner!  \"13_04_Europe_0879\"One more blog about the Netherlands and the tulips–then on to Denmark!


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  1. I wish we had more places to ride bikes around here. That is really cool. I would love to go the WWII history sites over there.

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