On to Denmark!

On to Denmark!

We got a rental car in Amsterdam and drove through Germany toward Denmark. A cab drive had told us it was more like 11 hours to get there instead of the six that google maps told us it would be.  We got there in six hours!  Driving through Germany was an exciting experience.  That 3rd lane really is JUST for passing.  It works  SUPER well!  You get in that lane to pass for about 1 1/2 seconds and then move back right.  It keeps the traffic moving beautifully.  I wish we could do that here!  Finally we saw signs for Odense.  I had ancestors from this area so I was curious to see what it looked like.  It was beautiful!  Lots of green farm land.



The churches in the countryside all looked like this—white and redish on one side with the stair-step roofs.


Coming into town.  They trim those trees to the nubbins.


Just chillin\’ with Hans Christen Andersen!  :-)



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Not sure why Lynn wanted me to stand in the bike lane!  Its NOT a good idea!

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Famous Danish watch maker–Skagen






Hans Christen Andersen house

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