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So one thing we absolutely wanted to do in Denmark was to see some of Carl Bloch\’s paintings in the home settings.  We were lucky enough to see them at the BYU exhibit and the curator who spent so much time in Denmark negotiating that gave us a list of churches we should see while we were there.  We plugged them into the GPS and as we drove through Denmark we stopped at the churches on our list.  It was amazing!  Here\’s what we saw….

This church has the names of their pastors since the 1500s listed.  Pretty cool!



Carl Bloch painting

\"13_04_Europe_1103\" \"13_04_Europe_1110\" \"13_04_Europe_1113\" \"13_04_Europe_1119\"

Very old collection box\"13_04_Europe_1120\"

\"13_04_Europe_1163\" \"13_04_Europe_1165\" \"13_04_Europe_1167\"


All their churches had ships hanging from the ceiling.  (Click those words to read about it)


Here is the book about these paintings done by BYU Museum of Art and given to the church as a gesture of gratitude.


The cover of the book is this exact painting!

\"13_04_Europe_1175\" \"13_04_Europe_1199\"

Love these paintings!

\"13_04_Europe_1201\" \"13_04_Europe_1204\"

These are smaller but Carl Bloch did these for the Frederiksborg Castle museum.  There are a whole series of them that cover the life of Christ.  BYU recently announced they will be loaned for a one-time only event.  See here.  I\’ll post more on the Frederiksborg Castle later.  There is just too much to cover in one post!

\"13_04_Europe_1236\" \"13_04_Europe_1237\"

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