Silver Hills…..Colorado!

This seemed to be the best venue for posting pictures and events for friends and family.

We reserved tickets a while back for the Jesse Cook concert in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It\’s a nice but small venue and the town is beautiful. Lynn spent a long time planning out our route and where to visit.  We started by flying into Denver and driving to Breckenridge.  It was beautiful!  There was a river walk and we took that the next morning before we left.  After all, we had to walk off the chocolate croissant from Panera.  They actually FILL those with chocolate instead of drizzling some on top!

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Next we headed to Crested Butte (Silver Hills…..Colorado! for those Snowball Express fans out there!) These are some things we saw on the way.  This was the first of several places with a Continental Divide sign.


\"2014_August_Colorado_05\" \"2014_August_Colorado_06\"

There were lots of places where mining is still active (even tho the place looked ancient!).


Just as we came into Crested Butte there was this old cemetery.  The graves were mostly late 1800s to early 1900s.  Some were maintained, some were not.

\"2014_August_Colorado_09\" \"2014_August_Colorado_10\"

One of the more recent graves had a couple of \”Marie statues\” for those who watch \”Everybody Loves Raymond\”.  Lynn made me promise not to bury him far away and put a statue like that on, or around, his grave!  :-)

\"2014_August_Colorado_11\" \"2014_August_Colorado_12\"

It was late afternoon and the free ride up the chair lift that came with our room, was soon to expire so we headed that direction.


They had a bike washing station, miniature golf under this pavilion, a kid\’s rock climbing wall and a EuroBungee (see our YouTube) along with the lift and a good mountain biking business going on. It was really a fun place.

\"2014_August_Colorado_15\"\"IMG_3335\" \"2014_August_Colorado_23\" \"2014_August_Colorado_27\"   \"IMG_3337\"

I\’ll do part 2 tomorrow!


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